Plant Betterment

Panaron provides value added engineering and total engineering solutions under the concept of customer partnership for plant betterment. Panaron places importance on customer satisfaction and focuses on providing engineering solutions with technical support, installation, testing and commissioning. Panaron engages and develop local contractors in the plant enhancement activities.

A. Improving efficiency and providing one stop solutions for various actuators (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.)

B. Solving and providing solutions for actuator over torque and under torque issues.

C. Provide solutions for actuators experiencing heavy vibration, user-friendliness due to confined spaces and harsh environments (hot areas, corrosion).

D. Compact and powerful actuator and valve sizing to improve reliability of existing actuators at the plant

E. Providing good quality total isolation valves to prevent passing and wastage of steam.

F. Re-engineering control valves and turbine bypass valves to improve process and results.

G. Enhancing flap diverter damper sealing and solving flap diverter damper sealing issues.

H. Improving flap diverter damper torque distribution along the shaft.

I. Engineering solutions for boiler level drum gauging system to provide accurate level sensing.

J. Turbo Gearbox problem solving and re-alignment to improve efficiency.

K. Providing high adequate and safety requirements for high risk industries and commercial applications concerning fire detection.

L. Upgrading of existing burner management systems (BMS) to provide maintenance free flame scanners and high energy spark igniters.

M. Boiler flame combustion optimization solutions to improve fuel efficiency, lower emissions and extend equipment service life.