Electro Hydraulic (EH)


Electro-Hydraulic Rotary Valve Actuator (E2H90 Series)

  • Operating Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Operating Voltage: 220 VAC, and any global 3-Phase voltage ratings (Solar Power optional)
  • Rated Power Consumption: Static: 5W Pump Motor; Start: 240 W, 160 W
  • Explosion Proof Level: Ex d IIB T4
  • Ingress Protection Level: IP65
  • S5 Category duty cycle motor (15-minute duty)
  • ESD, LBP, PST functions available
  • Thrusts up to 4,000,000 in-lbs
  • On/Off Service
  • Fail Last, Fail Close or Fail Open
  • Manual Override is Standard
  • Dual Hydraulic Filtering System: allows ease of maintenance