Steam Turbine Bypass Valves

Control Valves & Desuperheaters

Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomization (DSCV-SA)

The DSCV-SA (Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomization) from SPX is designed for unprecedented operational reliability and eliminates potential risks associated with substandard designs during plant start-up, shutdown and turbine trips. As a result, the DSCV-SA is at the forefront of modern thermodynamic engineering in steam conditioning.

Cast & fabricated design.
• Wide size configuration
• Extremely flexible
 - Flanged or butt weld connections
 - ANSI 150 – 4500, standard, intermediate and split classes
 - Minimum straight line lengths required
• High water capacity for large cooling duties
• Low required coolant pressure
• High coolant turndown ratio
• Pressure seal or bolted bonnet; ‘Quick Change’ design trim
• Repeatable class V tight shutoff
• High pressure balanced
• High turndown ratio for both steam and water
• Noise attenuating trim options
 - Single stage hush
 - Multi-stage hush
• ‘Quick-Change’ trim design no special tools